snow cover fraction variable datasets

Report table: 3.13
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Name Source Data type Spatial domain Spatial resolution Temporal coverage Time step Data format Details
ECMWF Land surface reanalysis/model Global 0.1° x 0.1° (9 km) Jan 1950--  present  (ongoing,  ~3 month latency) Hourly; Monthly GRIB; NetCDF details
NCEP Regional reanalysis North America 32 km x 32 km 1979/01/01 to May 31, 2021 3h; Daily; Monthly GRIB; NetCDF details
Byrd Polar Research Center/The Ohio State University; UCAR/NCAR Regional reanalysis Arctic 15 km x 15 km 2000/01 to 2016/12 3h; Monthly NetCDF details
NASA Global atmospheric reanalysis Global ½° latitude x ⅝°  longitude 1980-present Hourly; Daily; Monthly NetCDF details
CIRES; NOAA; DOE Global atmospheric reanalysis Global T254 (approximately 75 km at the equator) 20CRv3.SI is available for years 1836-1980 and 20CRv3.MO is available for years 1981-2015 3h; Daily; Monthly NetCDF details
NCEP Global atmospheric reanalysis Global 0.5° x 0.5° 1979-2010(CFSR)2011-present  (CFSv2) Hourly; 6h; Monthly GRIB details
MODIS Terra / Aqua
NSIDC; NASA Interpreted/diagnosed from optical imagery Global 500 m (nominal) on sinusoidal grid

0.05° Climate Modelling Grid Terra: 24 Feb. 2000 - present
Aqua: 4 Jul. 2002 - present Sub-daily; Daily; Monthly GeoTIFF; HDF details
NOAA Climate Data Record of Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Extent version 1
NCEI/NOAA; Rutgers U. Interpreted/diagnosed from optical imagery Northern Hemisphere 89 x 89 grid: cell size varies with latitude, from ∼10,700 km² near lat. 0° to ∼41,800 km² near  lat. 90°N Record begins in 1966 (but more reliable from 1970) Weekly NetCDF details
Rutgers Northern Hemisphere 24 km Weekly Snow Cover Extent
Rutgers U.; NSIDC Interpreted/diagnosed from optical imagery Northern Hemisphere 1024 x 1024 grid: Cell areas range from ~159 km2 at the equator to ~651 km2 near the pole Sept 1980 - present Weekly NetCDF details