subsurface ice content variable datasets

Summary of observation-based historical datasets with subsurface ice content for two types of data: station data (boreholes) and modelling/mapping.
Report table: 3.19
Count: 7
Name Source Data type Spatial domain Spatial resolution Temporal coverage Time step Data format Details
Circum-Arctic Map of Permafrost and Ground-Ice Conditions, Version 2
NSIDC Map, manual delineation Global Polygons from 1:10,000,000 paper map Variable n.a. Shapefiles details
Ground ice map of Canada
NRCan Map, manual and heuristic rules Canada Polygons from 1:5,000,000 digital maps Late 20th century n.a. GeoTIFF; WMS details
Permafrost Map of Canada
NRCan Map, manual delineation Canada Polygons from 1:7,500,000 map n.a. n.a. PDF details
Permafrost Information Network
NRCan Station data Canada Point data Variable,1953-2009 n.a. n.a. details
N.W.T. Permafrost Database
Northwest Territories Geological Survey/GNWT Station data NWT Point data Variable n.a. CSV details
Permafrost and ground ice conditions of northwestern Canada
NRCan Map, manual delineation Northwest Canada 1:1,000,000 n.a. n.a. PDF details
Yukon Permafrost Database
Yukon Geological Survey/Yukon Government Station data Yukon Point data Variable n.a. n.a. details