ground temperature variable datasets

Summary of large observation-based historical datasets with ground temperature. Many other sites exist and are accessible individually
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Name Source Data type Spatial domain Spatial resolution Temporal coverage Time step Data format Details
IPA Station data Global Point data Variable (1950 to present) Daily; Annual CSV details
Permafrost Ground Temperature for the Northern Hemisphere, v3.0
CEDA Archive/ESA Permafrost CCI+ Model based on reanalyses North of N30º 1 km x 1m A: 2003–2019B: 1997–2002 Annual NetCDF details
Borehole and near-surface ground temperatures in northeastern Canada
CEN Station data Northeastern Canada Point data Variable 1990-present n.a. CSV details
Map and summary database of permafrost temperatures in Nunavut
GEOSCAN Station data Nunavut Point data Variable1995 - 2012 Summary statistics Variable Excel files details
Air and near-surface ground temperatures for Mackenzie Valley Corridor
GEOSCAN Station data Northwestern Canada Point data 1993-2012 Daily; Monthly CSV details
N.W.T. Permafrost Database
Northwest Territories Geological Survey/GNWT Station data NWT Point data Variable Variable CSV details
Yukon Permafrost Database
Yukon Geological Survey/Yukon Government Station data Yukon Point data variable Variable CSV details