Wolf Creek Research Basin, Yukon

From variable 3.12
Snow Depth/SWE
description of data

Dr. Sean Carey/McMaster University
data type
Station data
spatial domain
Wolf Creek, Yukon
spatial resolution
Point data
temporal coverage
Various: observatory has been operating since 1992

Note, though, that some individual instrumentation arrays have been more permanent, than others- the latter more sporadic, to support specific projects.
time step
data format
Monthly surveys of SWE, snow depth; 10 SWE instruments in total Carey (McMaster U.) leads research here, in collaboration with YG, ECCC, others (through GWF)

 Several links from GWF site: not clear which provides most up-to-date details

http://ccrnetwork.ca/science/WECC/western-cordillera/wolf-creek.php   http://giws.usask.ca/meta/Metadata_WolfCreek.html


 Near-real-time graphs available for 3 stns at


http://giws.usask.ca/telemetry/WolfCreek/mobile/Forestchart_mob.html   Some from GWF WISKI (login required): some by request from Yukon Govt (no guarantees on response times)   Summary slides about the observatory  (2017) at
https://gwf.usask.ca/documents/meetings/asm2018/TdeJong.pdf   Contact point: Tyler DeJong (tyler.dejong@mcmaster.ca)