Phil Marsh dataset for basins in Nunavut


Phil Marsh/ McMaster University
data type
Station data
spatial domain
Individual watersheds
spatial resolution
Basin-scale data
temporal coverage
Baker Creek at Outlet of Lower Martin Lake4/1/1991 to 11/1/2015Flat River near mouth1/1/1996 to 11/1/2015South Nahanni River above Virginia Falls1/1/1996 to 11/1/2015Scotty Creek at Highway No. 71/1/1996 to 11/1/2015Havikpak Creek near Inuvik1/1/1996 to 11/1/2015Trail Valley Creek near Inuvik1/1/1996 to 11/1/2015
time step
data format
Hourly water level and flow. 
Daily values are available on HYDAT at the Water Survey of Canada. Possible available from Global Water Futures - seems to be password-controlled