description of data

data type
Gridded hybrid data: observations, satellite
spatial domain
The Northern Hemisphere
spatial resolution
25 km EASE1 (equal area)
temporal coverage
time step
Daily; Weekly; Monthly
data format
Matlab; NetCDF
A series of versions exists: v1.0, v2.0, v2.1, v3.0.  NRT version also exists. Version 3.0 is close to Snow CCI, Combination of climate station snow depth observations and forward microwave emission model simulations with SMMR and SSM/I satellite passive microwave data. Version 3.0 includes several enhancements: (1) inclusion of lake ice; (2) revised modelling of forest canopy Tb; (3) enhanced surface observations and quality control. A V3 bias-corrected version includes corrections based on snow. Data is available at daily time step after 1987, every other day before that with some gaps. Also available weekly and monthly.