Wolf Creek Research Basin, Yukon

From variable 3.9
Supplementary station data
description of data

Dr. Sean Carey/McMaster University
data type
Station data
spatial domain
6 stations in Yukon
spatial resolution
Point data
temporal coverage
Varies with the station (from 1993 to 2018)
time step
30 min.
data format
Carey (McMaster U.) leads the research in collaboration with Yukon government, ECCC, and others from GWF.   Near-real-time graphs available for 3 stations at http://giws.usask.ca/telemetry/WolfCreek/mobile/Alpinechart_mob.html   http://giws.usask.ca/telemetry/WolfCreek/mobile/Buckbrushchart_mob.html   http://giws.usask.ca/telemetry/WolfCreek/mobile/Forestchart_mob.html   Several links from GWF site: not clear which provides most up-to-date details http://ccrnetwork.ca/science/WECC/western-cordillera/wolf-creek.php   http://giws.usask.ca/meta/Metadata_WolfCreek.html   https://gwfnet.net/Metadata/Record/T-2021-02-27-M1M2i2h80VKUijFOFoBEM3wFw   Summary slides about the observatory  (2017) at https://gwf.usask.ca/documents/meetings/asm2018/TdeJong.pdf   Contact point: Tyler DeJong (tyler.dejong@mcmaster.ca)   Available variables: precipitation, 2m temperature, relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed